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packers and movers chennai

Best Packers and Movers in Chennai

With more than 1000 people constantly moving in and out of Chennai every day, professional packers and movers in Chennai are the ones that can be trusted to help meet the relocation demands of customers at their required time.

As it can be guessed, house shifting in Chennai is not easy, no matter whether you found a new place in a different locality in the city or moving into or out of Chennai.

It will be a smarter decision to hire the best packers and movers Chennai for local shifting or domestic home relocation instead of handling your move alone.

Home packing and moving requires intense planning and preparation to ensure safe and smooth household shifting in Chennai.

You will have to purchase the required quantity and quality of packaging material to properly pack all home appliances, furniture, and delicate items securely. You will also have to take care of additional tasks like unmounting TV, AC, geyser, etc., dismantling sofa sets, refrigerator, and so on to ensure safe packing & careful loading-unloading.

However, your lack of experience and knowledge in performing home shifting tasks may lead to goods and property damages with high chances of self-injuries.

In this scenario, top movers and packers in Chennai are the go-to option as they have years of experience and skilled moving labor who can take up the responsibility of your relocation from start to end.

Best packers and movers company in Chennai use high-quality packaging material like bubble wrap, robust cartons, plastic wrap, packing peanuts and foam, etc., for safe packing services in Chennai.

For secure loading and unloading, modern equipment and latest techniques are used like panel movers, forklifts, hand trucks, sliders, dollies, and so on. Reliable packers movers Chennai also suggest a right-sized transport vehicle with which they can ensure secure and speedy house shifting transport.

You can easily find professional movers and packers in Chennai for local shifting by getting suggestions from family/friends.

You can also find secure house shifting services in Chennai on Google using specific keywords based on your requirements like “packers and movers near me, top packers and movers Chennai near me, packers and movers for local shifting in Chennai, or interstate packers and movers Chennai”.

packers and movers chennai

House shifting services chennai

Although it’s not difficult to find packing and moving services in Chennai, the main challenge arises when you have to select good packers and movers in Chennai for your house shifting requirements.

This is because of fake and unprofessional packers and movers firms in the city who offer cheapest cost quotations to attract innocent customers and end up providing extremely poor-quality house relocation services which may lead to damages or misplacement or they may steal your belongings.

To make sure you get in touch with the right packers and movers agencies, you need to do complete research and verify registration details of moving companies in Chennai.

Check the packers and movers Chennai contact number, website, office address, business license/GST certificates, and past reviews and ratings.v Validate all details and shortlist at least 4-5 packers and movers within Chennai who pass the verification process; contact them and get their home shifting charges estimations.

Make sure you never blindly go for cheapest packers and movers Chennai as you may end up receiving poor quality services resulting in goods damages or get into fraud with your belongings stolen.

An alternative method to easily find and hire top movers and packers Chennai near me is to take references from Apollo relocation packers and movers, the best packers and movers India.

Top packers and movers chennai

Apollo relocation packers and movers have a strong network of experienced and best packers and movers in Chennai for house shifting chennai and relocating outside the city.

We serve across all areas like HSR Layout,chennai to bangalore, chennai to coimbatore, chennai to hyderabad, chennai to madurai, chennai to erode, Packers And Movers in Adyar and various other localities.

Moving and packing services in Chennai include household shifting services, luggage shifting services, room shifting services, bike/car transportation, office shifting services, truck rentals, end to end logistics solutions, cargo shipping, among various others.

You can get reliable home shifting services in Chennai from start to end including quality packing-unpacking, safe loading-unloading, skilled disassembly-reassembly, secure transport, and final placement of goods at your new home.

Apollo Relocation packers and movers Chennai charges for local house shifting services in Chennai as well as intercity. Home relocation services in Chennai to move to other cities are charged at standard and affordable prices.

Another simpler method to hire top packers and movers in Chennai is by sharing your required moving services and budget for home shifting within or outside the city.

Pick the most suitable and reliable packers and movers Chennai companies offering best household shifting services in Chennai within your budget and hire them to enjoy safe and smooth house shifting in Chennai or to a completely different city.

packers and movers chennai

House shifting charges in chennai

Apollo relocation packers and movers help you move efficiently from one place to another within the city and the average Chennai packers and movers rates for local shifting are approximately Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000.

The Packers and movers Chennai prices to relocate to a completely different city with the help of reliable domestic moving companies in Chennai will vary depending on the distance to the destination.

For a more detailed standard price list for packers and movers within Chennai charges and packers and movers charges from Chennai to other cities, have a look at the tables below:

Local Shifting Charges

House Size 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK Few Home Goods
Packing Charges Rs 2500 – 3300 Rs 3500 – 5000 Rs 4000 – 7000 Rs 2000 – 2300
Transport Charges Rs 2500 – 3500 Rs 3500 – 5500 Rs 4500 – 7500 Rs 2500 – 3100
Labor Charges Rs 1500 – 1700 Rs 2500 – 3000 Rs 3000 – 4000 Rs 1000 – 1100
Approx Total Cost Rs 5500 – 8500 Rs 8500 – 12500 Rs 10500 – 17500 Rs 4500 – 5500

Factors Affecting Local Shifting Charges

1. Quantity and volume of household goods – Transportation Charges

Quantity and volume of goods will mainly decide the packers and movers Chennai price list because the number of things which needs to be moved will determine the type of truck required for transporting them to the destination.

Apollo relocation Packers and movers charges per km will depend upon the transport vehicle used to fit all the goods comfortably and move them safely to the destination.

The various trucks available range from Tata Ace to 19 feet truck and the goods transportation charges will range from Rs 1000 – Rs 6000.

House Size Transportation Charges
1 BHK Rs 2500 – 3500
2 BHK Rs 3500 – 5500
3 BHK Rs 4500 – 7500
4 BHK Rs 6500 – 9500
Few Home Goods Rs 2500 – 3100

2. Packing material – Packing charges

During local shifting, items have to move over a short distance, and the chances of damage are minimal.

Therefore, careful packing is done only for the fragile and electronic items, standard packing is followed for the furniture and appliances, and basic packing is done for the regular household items like clothes, kitchenware, etc.

So, the sophistication of items will also affect the packing services cost and depending on the quality and quantity of packing material needed, and the packing charges may vary from Rs 1000 – Rs 5000 depending on the size of the house.

House Size Transportation Charges
1 BHK Rs 2500 – 3100
2 BHK Rs 3500 – 5000
3 BHK Rs 4000 – 7000
4 BHK Rs 5500 – 8500
Few Home Goods Rs 2000 – 2300

3. Manpower – Labor charges

The cost of local movers will also include the number of people who pack, load, move, unload and unpack all your items.

Professional packers and movers will usually charge Rs 1000 – Rs 1100 per person. The manpower required for home shifting and their rates are as follows:

House Size Manpower Required Transportation Charges
1 BHK 2 Men Rs 1500 – 1700
2 BHK 4 Men Rs 2500 – 3000
3 BHK 5 Men Rs 3000 – 3500
4 BHK 6-7 Men Rs 4000 – 5000
Few Home Goods 1 Men Rs 1000 – 1100

4. Additional Services – Optional add-on charges

Disassembly and assembly of electronic items are usually not performed by the packers and movers.

However, if you require these services, they may make alternative arrangements for the same or do the required service at additional costs.

These charges will differ according to the type of equipment they have to dismantle or re-assemble, as follows:

Electronic Items Charges
LCD (Mounting in the new home) Rs 900 – Rs 1350
AC (Disassembly and assembly) Rs 1700 – 3000
Geyser (Mounting in new home) Rs 900 – 1150

5. Physical Effort – Additional charges

The amount of physical effort involved during loading and unloading of goods will be considered:

  • If the distance from the door to the truck is more than 100 meters;

  • If the goods have to be shifted from a higher floor, and the elevator is not available in the building;

  • If roping is required to move certain things into or out of the house;

In such cases, additional charges of around Rs 1000 – Rs 2000 will be added depending on the amount of activity required to complete the work.

Domestic Home Relocation Rates

From Chennai to/House 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK Few Home Goods
Bangalore Rs 11500 – 13500 Rs 13500 – 17500 Rs 15500 – 20500 Rs 5500 – 7500
Mumbai Rs 15500 – 21500 Rs 19500 – 27500 Rs 23500 – 30500 Rs 8500 – 10500
Pune Rs 15500 – 20500 Rs 18500 – 25500 Rs 22500 – 29500 Rs 8500 – 10500
Hyderabad Rs 12500 – 15500 Rs 15500 – 20500 Rs 17500 – 23500 Rs 6500 – 8500
Delhi NCR Rs 21500 – 27500 Rs 25500 – 35500 Rs 30500 – 45500 Rs 10500 – 13500
Kolkata Rs 16500 – 23500 Rs 20500 – 30500 Rs 25500 – 35500 Rs 9500 – 11500

Bike and Car Shifting Charges

From Chennai to/ Vehicle 2 Wheeler 4 Wheeler
Bangalore Rs 2500 – 4500 Rs 5500 – 7500
Mumbai Rs 4500 – 7500 Rs 8500 – 10500
Pune Rs 5500 – 8500 Rs 9500 – 11500
Hyderabad Rs 3500 – 5500 Rs 6500 – 8500
Delhi NCR Rs 6500 – 10500 Rs 10500 – 14500
Kolkata Rs 5500 – 9500 Rs 9500 – 12500

Office Shifting Charges

Local Office Shifting Charges

Office Capacity Charges
Micro Office (6 people capacity) Rs 6500 – Rs 10500
Small Office (20 people capacity) Rs 10500 – 18500
Medium Office (50 people capacity) Rs 20500 – 35500
Standard Office (100 people capacity) Rs 45500 – 80500
Corporate Office (>100 people capacity) Contact for pricing

Domestic Office Moving Prices

From Chennai/ Office Capacity Micro Office (6 people capacity) Small Office (20 people capacity) Medium Office (50 people capacity)
Up to 400 Km Rs 8500 – 13500 Rs 12500 – 22500 Rs 24500 – 45500
Up to 800 Km Rs 12500 – 19500 Rs 17500 – 30500 Rs 35500 – 65500
Up to 1200 Km Rs 20500 – 31500 Rs 28500 – 49500 Rs 57500 – 105500
Up to 1600 Km Rs 36500 – 56500 Rs 50500 – 89500 Rs 103500 – 190500
Up to 2000 Km Contact for pricing Contact for pricing Contact for pricing

Apollo Relocation Packers And Movers IN Chenai Describe Risk Factors included in Self Relocation

As we all know, packing and moving our assets to a new place is a frustrating thing. But, there are lots of risks included in this process if we are not taking professional support for these works.

There are a different type of hassles that you might have to see if you are going for self-relocation. It is always advised to use a good service provider for these works to get the best results. In this article, we will know about various risk factors included in self relocation.

Heavy Budgets

It is the worst part of a self-move. If you are going to move your assets on your own, you will have to pay huge prices. You have to pay separately for packing, transportation, and loading.

The overall cost will be increased so much. Instead of this, you can go for a good packers and movers firm and choose any good package easily.

Personal injuries

While doing those works related to packing and moving, there are lots of chances of having injuries. While packing huge objects, you might have to face different hassles too.

So, it is good to use a good firm for your work and let them do all the work professionally. Once you are with a good firm, you do not have to do any work on your own. They will handle everything properly with their professional staff members.

Damage to the property

By doing the packing and moving works on your own, there are hugely chances of damage to your property. It is possible that you might lose your precious household items forever.

So, it is necessary to hire a good firm for this work and let them do everything with their excellent staff.

It is tough to pack and load fragile items. Only a professional service provider can handle these works effectively.

Loss of time

By doing self-relocation, you will definitely waste lots of time. It takes a lot of time to find the best transport channels, packaging tools, and other things.

But, with the help of a good packers and movers firm, your work will go smoothly. You will not waste your precious time anymore. This will also save your budgets.

So, by using a good packers and movers firm, you will be able to get the best services without any type of risks and hassles. If you are able to find a good firm like Apollo Relocation packers and movers, the work will become more easy and fast. So, instead of wasting your time and efforts, it is good to hire someone to do your work professionally.

We always advise you to do proper research about the firm before hiring them. There are lots of companies available in the market to choose from.

Once you did it, let them do their work and do proper audits from time to time. Check for the tactics they are using to move your precious items.

packers and movers chennai

Why We are best as professional packers and movers chennai?

Our work is highly appreciated by our clients. We have received various awards from different organizations. Even after receiving huge praise, we are continuously improving our services. The best practices that we are using for the work are helping us to remain competitive in this field.

Some other highlights of our services are as follows.

  • Fast and Reliable services
  • Highly cost-efficient
  • World-class transportation mediums
  • Best packing solutions
  • Guaranteed no damage to the assets

With our services, it will be easy for you to make yourself free from the hassles of packing and transportation of your assets. You will be able to easily move your assets to any place easily with our support.

We will help you through the process of preparation, packaging, loading, unloading, and transportation. Our highly efficient staff is always ready to give you the desired solutions effectively.

Whether you are looking to shift your house to a new place or it is an organizational move, we will support you in each way. With our versatile approach towards our work, we will help you to move any amount of things.

We have a huge network worldwide by which we can make easy routes for long moves. Also, we have a different type of carrier trucks and ships are enough to make safer and reliable moves to the new places.

So, if you are looking for a good company for any type of your move, Apollo Relocation packers and movers are the best option for you. We will help you in every type of work related to your move in the most effective manner.

packers and movers chennai

Why Apollo Relocation Packers Movers Chennai Can Offer Better Services?

Packers and movers companies are not exceptional. You will see hundreds of firms providing their services for packing and moving your assets and vehicles. So, in order to get the best services, you have to find a good firm for this work.

Apollo Relocation packers movers are one of the best firms providing the services for any type of packing and moving works. We are providing highly affordable and effective services to make your work easier.

There are various reasons which make us the most demanded packers and movers firm in Chennai. We will discuss all of them below.

Why Apollo Relocation packers movers is the best firm for your work?

We are using highly effective tactics to do the desired work. We are using the best tools and moving strategies for these crucial works. With our support, your work will be done easily without any hassles. Some of the features of our services are as follows.

Quick Delivery

With our great transportation mediums and best movement practices, we will give you the fastest services. Your assets will be delivered to the desired place easily in very less time. Once you choose us for your work, our expert team will do the necessary audits and start working as soon as possible.

Once the necessary audits are done, our packing and moving teams start doing their work. These processes happen in very less time. In this way, we help our clients to get superfast services easily without any problem.


We are using the best approaches to do your works. Our working strategies are highly efficient and perfect in terms of budgets. With our highly refined services, we have developed the most affordable services for our clients.

As compared to the other companies, we are charging very fewer amounts. This is another reason why our services are highly demanded in this industry.

Reliable Service

Not only affordable but our services are highly reliable too. We ensure the total safety of your assets by packing them with the best practices. With the help of best transportation mediums, we make the whole moving process safer. You just have to give your work to us. We will handle every related work.

Experience Staff

Our highly expert and qualified staff is helping us to develop these services. Our staff members are always ready to give you every type of assistance and support services. Ranging from the transportation, packaging, and auditing, we have separate staff for everything.

So, whether you need any type of service, we have the best staff to understand your needs and give you the most suitable services. With our high-notch services, we are helping people to make their moves easier than ever. We are able to give you support in the whole city of Chennai.

We are always ready to give you our advanced support as the best packers and movers firm in the city.

Chennai Packers and Movers Services FAQs

Shifting costs vay according to the needs of the customer, however, the approx. charges of house shifting in Chennai are as follows:

  • 1 BHK: ₹ 4,200 – 10,500
  • 2 BHK: ₹ 6,000 – 15,400
  • 3 BHK: ₹ 7,200 – 21,000

Packing and unpacking fees, handling charges, transportation costs, fuel charges, taxes (toll, octroi, GST, etc.), insurance charges (if any), and additional service charges (unpacking, disassembly/reassembly, home rearrangement, storage, etc.) will be the break up of rates you can find in the packer mover cost quotations.

Moreover, the mover’s estimation/invoice is the only proof you have to show in case something wrong happens during the relocation. So make sure you have all the information on it, like the name and phone number of the owner, office address of the moving company, the minimum and estimated weight of your goods, etc

Apollo relocation packers and movers has mentioned the feedback and reviews by customers to maintain the quality of service we provide to our customers.

If you are not associated with Apollo relocation packers and movers you can search for their ratings and reviews on Google Business Manager or on Facebook. Hiring the best packers and movers is a must. So research properly before finalizing the deal.

For local shifting within Chennai, you should look for moving companies at least 7 – 10 days before the relocation date. For moving out of Chennai, it’s best to start searching for packers movers at least 20 – 30 days prior to your shifting day.

Services delivered by packers and movers depend on the package taken up by the customer. However, the basic package involves the packaging of items, loading, and unloading at the destination, safe transport, timely delivery, and unpacking all goods.

If the customer wants extra services like disassembling furniture, home appliances or so, it will be provided at extra charges.

Yes, packing material costs are included in the package. Movers and packers should not charge extra for packaging materials. But, if you have essential or fragile items like terracotta decoratives or antique items that might need extra-careful packaging, then the charges might increase accordingly.

Moving insurance helps in covering damages that could occur during loading, unloading, or transit. It is advised to take up insurance when relocating over long distances.

  • Furniture
  • Home Appliances
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Antiques
  • Garden Equipment
packers and movers chennai

Exactly How Apollo Relocation Packers and Movers Chennai Works ?

Basically we first consider the requirement and then plan the action. Mostly the shifting is related to multistoried from floor to any location within Chennai or outside Chennai across India. Power costing is decided by the resources available at the point of time when shifting is required.

It's natural to the relocation is well planned the costing would go down if there requirement is instant the costing will be increased. Apollo Relocation Packers and Movers Chennai looks into to the complete aspect of dismantling and packaging all the household articles including the imported furniture in case of existence.

Packaging is done with the highest quality of packaging material and sealing machine. The images shown in this web page are the real time images of our work which we have executed at the client's place while packaging dismantling uploading and unloading the material. We also believe in explaining the reason of the costing that we gave and those who have incase been victimised by low quality packaging company understands it better.

If the relocation services are related to Inter city and the location is remote the chances of dedicated vehicle would be the best option but even then there should be the quantity of articles to support the dedicated vehicle. If the quantity is less and as the dedicated vehicle going to a remote location there are chances of the costing increasing. In such situation we use the connectivity network ok and take all care for the articles to reach safely.

We still suggest the customer to understand the connectivity issues in case of distance and remote relocation requirements. For being the best Packers and Movers in Chennai company Apollo Relocation Packers comes up with the integrated service.

Service is mostly related to the well in advanced plant relocation requirements may be within the city or maybe outside across anywhere in India. The concept of well planned relocation give the company if free usage of the resources which can be optimised in the current condition to reduce the costing.

While recently the normal articles there isn't any issues but while dismantling the imported delicate sensitive furniture we need to understand the dismantling process and the sensitive points which are likely to be damaged with the little jerk.

In this way we are able to get onto the main sensitive points and mark them accordingly e so that they are classified from the normal furniture while handling in terms of loading and unloading process. Once all this is done we shift the luggage from the desired location to the destination where the customer wants to move.

We take care of arranging the luggage in the most comfortable way to the customer in terms of placement of the household articles like almirah double bed decoration items sofa re installation of split AC.

All the activity is discussed with the customer and his decision and any useful suggestion from our side is given and then accordingly e his self Re the things are again Re installed and very neatly all the packaging materials are taken back or given to the customer so the things of the relocation becomes very smooth 100% customised manner.

packers and movers chennai

Things To Do While Choosing a Good Packers And Movers Company

Get multiple quotes

The first thing that you should do is to do the comparisons. You should get multiple quotes from different moving companies and then compare each other’s services and costs.

By doing this, you will be able to find the desired services in the most effective price ranges. You can search from the internet or get a suggestion from your near ones too.

Check Online Reviews

When you are finished with the comparisons, go to the internet and start finding the online reviews of the companies. You can easily find the reviews on the local listing sites like Google listing, bing places, etc.

There are various other platforms like Glassdoor, foursquare, etc. You only have to check whether the company’s earlier clients were happy with the services or not. This thing will help you a lot to finalize a firm that is good for your work.

Meet the Authorities

If you found a decent company with a good online presence and feedback, you can not manage to finalize it before doing live discussions. You should visit the company and know about its past projects, staff and the working processes.

Ask all the question that comes into your mind. Ask them how they will move your assets and what will be the packaging and transportation strategies.

By asking these things, you can confirm the professionalism of the company and judge its work effectiveness. If you are satisfied with it then it's fine otherwise do not rush for the selection.

Insurance and hidden costs

The insurance company must be able to give you the insurance service for the move. Not only this, you should check the whole payment structure along with the legal bills.

Most of the companies do fraud with the customers by asking them to pay hidden charges for which they discuss nothing while doing the deal. So, it is good to confirm each tiny detail about the payment earlier..

Don’t pay big in advance

Make sure not to pay a huge advance amount to the company before the move. They will ask you to pay some of the money. Give them the amount that you feel is appropriate. Also, ask them to do proper documentation about the advance payment.

This will help you make yourself free from the future hassles. Also, it is a good way to find the genuineness of the company. If they accept your offer then you are good to go.

How much the company is experienced?

Experience does not matter when you have good skills. But, when the thing is about your important personal items, you should not hand them to any unprofessional hands.

Hire only an experienced company which has the capability to do the work efficiently. You can check their previous works to confirm the things more deeply.

Check the testimonials on the company’s website. Testimonials are great to understand the company’s ability to tackle the problematic situations.

License and Certification

The company should be working under the legal licence for the approached moving process. You can ask the company to show their legal documents. It is crucial to check whether the company is licensed to hold your items.

These things will matter a lot in the case of any mis happening during the moving process. Make sure to confirm the moving documents appropriately too.

Check company Assets

Checking a company’s assets can also reveal so much about it. If the company has its packaging staff along with the transportation truck then it will be good to choose that company.

It shows that the firm is well-established and suitable for your work. Instead of hiring someone without checking their assets and working processes, you can try to find out some things on your own. This will help you to get the desired services.

Make sure to get some reference and support from your friends or family members. Research about different companies and do meetings. Once you finalize a good company, you will be free of all the stress of the move.

A professional firm will always understand your need before taking any action. So, go with a company that is looking professional with its work and atmosphere. Check the professionalism of the workers too. Packaging and loading process should also be efficient. When the move is for a long distance, extra care is required.

Final Verdict

Moving with a good packers and movers firm will support you in various ways. Most of the good packers and movers will allow you to get the desired services at the most effective prices. But, finding them is the biggest task.

So, make sure to take your time and do proper research about everything.

packers and movers chennai

Six Reasons to Choose Apollo Relocation Packers and Movers to Move Your House

Moving your house to a new place is never an easy work to do. There are lots of things that you should keep in mind while shifting your home to a new place. You might be having lots of things to move along including furniture, electronics, vehicles, pets, etc.

So, arranging everything and then doing the packing and transportation is a huge work to do. But, there is a simple way out of these things. You can simply find effective packers and movers firm in your city to doing this work. There are various benefits of doing this.

These agencies are having enough experience to move any amount of goods to any place. You will easily find a good firm for your work in a very easy way. A little bit of research is required to do this. You will surely find it easy to do everything easily. These companies handle almost everything related to your move.

There are various other advantages of choosing packers and movers firm for your house move which we will discuss below.

You should consider these things whenever you are moving to your house. Choosing a professional company is way better than doing everything on your own.

You will be free of all the hassles along with the chances of damages and accidents. Lest know about more benefits of choosing a packers and movers company.

No Hassle

The biggest reason to choose a packers and movers company is that you will be free of all type of hassles related to the moving process. One of the biggest hassles while moving your house is the packaging.

It is a necessary thing to keep your belongings safe. You do not have to worry about this too. The packers and movers company is enough to handle this work too. Once you hand down your work to the company, you will be free from each hassle.

Just give them the details about what you are going to move and they will do everything efficiently. Once your things reach the destination, you can easily move to your new house.


Instead of moving your items on your own and cause damage to them, you must choose a professional to do this. As we discussed earlier, the packers and movers companies are highly experienced in this field.

They know how to move crucial items with extra care. They have expert staffs to pack, move, load and unload the things. In this way, the safety of our things increases more. The chances of damages or losses to your things will be eliminated with these packers and movers firms.


If you are planning to move your household and other personal items on your own, this is going to take lots of time. No matter how much things you own, it will take lots of time to plan and organize everything for the move.

So, it is better to be with someone who knows how to do these things. A moving company will move all of your items on the given dates or before that.

So, if you want a quick move then choosing a professional service will be a better idea. Also, some companies offer superfast emergency moving services that will cost you some more money. In this way, you are free to select the desired service easily.


This is an important aspect of choosing an insurance firm. If unfortunately there is an accident while you are moving your items to the desired location, there could be lots of damage to your things.

This can cause huge losses for you. But, if the same thing happens with a moving company, you can easily claim for insurance. Most of the companies do the insurance of the costly and fragile items before loading them on the transport vehicles.

So, in this way, you will be free of all types of financial losses while moving your house. This thing will only be found with licensed moving companies. So, make sure to find a reputed firm for doing your work.

Peace of Mind

Planning and doing a house move is one of the stress. 5 Amazing Ways to Save Money During a Long-Distance Movesful moments of your life. Most of us feel overwhelmed while doing those never-ending packaging works.

But, the moving companies are aware of all the practices included in the moves. They are professionals along with expert workers to handle all the works.

They will safely do each thing and give you a stressful house move experience. Once you did the deal, you do not have to worry about anything. It will bring you peace of mind along with fewer workloads. The chances of accidents and damages are also reduced.


The packing and moving agencies work professionally to bring you the desired services. They know how to handle heavy items efficiently and move them along with the light items.

Once you are with a moving company, you will have the satisfaction that your assets are in safer hands. They will do everything in a way that there could be very fewer chances of the damages.

Once you found a good firm for your work, your work will go easily. Also, they use the best and fast transportation mediums that are not easy to find on our own.

Final Verdict

There are lots of other benefits that you will experience once you choose a moving company for your house move. But, you have to research a lot to find a good firm for your work. The industry is full of fraudsters.

You have to stay away from them. Try to get as many quotes as you can get to reach to your suitable firm. This will help you save both your money and efforts.

Also, read online reviews, customer feedback, and local listings. Doing all these things will help you to easily find the desired services in any city in the world. Along with these things, we wish you an elegant house move experience.

packers and movers chennai

Start to End Home Relocation Process with Apollo Relocation Packers and Movers

Step #1: Hiring Right Packers Movers Company in Chennai

  1. Let us know your shifting requirements details like shifting type (local or domestic relocation), origin & destination, type of goods to move (home, vehicle, or office), list of moving items, date of relocation, expected service quality (economic or premium), and contact details.

  2. Within few minutes, get top 3 references of the cheap and best packers and movers in Chennai as per your requirements & budget located nearest to you.

  3. Depending on the quantity of items and destination location, our referred expert luggage movers in Chennai will quickly conduct telephonic or physical pre-move survey to quote your house shifting charges.

  4. Packers and movers near me Chennai for local house relocation services will provide telephonic cost estimates as short-distance relocation does not need too much planning. However, if you have to move a large number of goods or a big accommodation, you can request for in-home estimates to get more exact moving costs.

  5. Best interstate packers and movers in Chennai will prefer to provide physical pre-move survey at home to discuss the shifting requirements in much more detail and give accurate home relocation prices for domestic shifting.

  6. Finally, you should compare all the details of movers and packers companies in Chennai like relocation company profiles, packing and moving services offered, estimated house shifting charges, and past Chennai packers and movers reviews & ratings.

  7. You can also negotiate smartly with the packers and movers Chennai near me with price to get discounted moving costs and crack jackpot deals.

  8. Identify the most suitable and reliable packers and movers in Chennai agency for your relocation needs and finalize your deal with an affordable Chennai packers and movers company for your budget.

Step #2: Packing and Moving Household Goods

  1. Skilled moving labor of relocation companies in Chennai will disassemble bulky goods like sofa, dining table, bed, etc., following proper instructions and procedures for dismantling. By doing this, they ensure proper packing, damage-free loading-unloading, and secure transport.

  2. Home packers and movers Chennai use latest packing methods & modern techniques for household items shifting. Secure packing services involve safe quality packaging material like plastic wrap, bubble wrap, corrugated sheets, carton boxes, packing paper, etc.

  3. Appropriate loading and unloading strategies are employed for secure furniture shifting services and heavy appliances & luggage shifting in Chennai. Moving labor make use of modern equipment and techniques like moving dollies, hand trucks, furniture sliders, panel movers, and so on, to ensure the safety of refrigerator, TV, light fixtures, art & paintings, etc.

  4. Goods are transported in a quick and safe manner from origin to destination using appropriate trucks. Experienced movers and packers Chennai ensure on time delivery to your doorstep.

  5. Best packers movers in Chennai will carefully unload delivered items into the house using necessary equipment and place them as per your requirements. They will also unpack all your boxes and reassemble dismantled items using suitable tools and techniques.

  6. Check for damages and working condition of appliances, electronics, and furniture and report any problems right away to the movers packers Chennai before they leave.

Note: when you are shifting house to a different city, unpacking & reassembly services at the destination are not part of the basic package movers in Chennai provide. So, make sure to request the Chennai movers packers for these relocation services during the pre-move survey and they will arrange for the requirements at additional charges.

packers and movers chennai

How Apollo relocation packers and movers Promises Top Quality Services

Network of Verified Packers and Movers Firms

Apollo relocation packers and movers carries out online as well as in-person verification of good packing and moving agencies in Chennai and other cities across India before associating with them. We verify their complete company documents like GST, business registration/shop licence, Aadhaar Card, Pan Card, Office location proof, etc.

Additionally, we also check their website, services provided, and previous performance record to make sure we provide best-in-class relocation services from experts in the packing and moving field.

Our list of packers and movers inside Chennai are organized according to their services and performance record. You can choose a suitable packers and movers agency based on their Star Ratings, Relocation Services offered, Quality tags, or Distance from your locality.

Instant Quotes from Best Moving Companies

You can easily scroll through our list of packers and movers in Chennai service providers by yourself and shortlist a few relevant household, luggage, and package movers companies as per your requirements. You can directly contact them to discuss your required shifting services and get cost estimations.

Or you can also let us know your shifting requirements via a simple query form giving us the details of your relocation like moving date, origin & destination, list of moving items, etc.

Within few minutes, we will refer 3 best house shifting services in Chennai along with their rate charts quotations. You can request for physical pre-move survey to get more accurate moving price lists.

Finally, all you need to do is compare the movers and packers rates, relocation services offered, moving company profiles, and packers movers reviews, and hire the right mover for you.

Regular Feedback & Service Quality Maintenance

Quality maintenance is not a one-time check. At Apollo relocation packers and movers, we do routine service quality inspection through a regular feedback process from customers who hired movers through us.

We collect responses from customers about the service quality provided by our movers and take necessary action on that basis. Our partner packers and movers in Chennai top performers are rewarded with high ranks in listing and we penalize poor-quality shifting companies for the loss caused to customers.

If we get severe complaints about any of our movers, we may suspend or blacklist that particular moving company profile

Customer Support from Start to End of your Move

From the time you get in touch with us to share your requirements until final delivery of goods at your destination, we offer full support at every step of the move.

We have an experienced customer care team who are capable of resolving any issue you face by speaking to the movers on your behalf.

Alternatively, we can also recommend alternate movers if you’re dissatisfied completely with the recommended moving packing firms. In case of major issues like payment hikes, compromised safety of goods, or legal problems, we can provide necessary documents for further action.

Final Words

Through Apollo relocation packers and movers, you can hire trusted packers and movers Chennai near me within few minutes and get instant estimated house shifting charges in Chennai for local shifting within Chennai or to a different city. Simply scroll through our list of Chennai movers and packers and select a few relevant relocation companies as per your specific needs and budget.

Or, you can also quickly get references of reliable packers and movers Chennai companies nearby to you location. All you need to do is tell us your shifting requirements and we will recommend 3 best match movers and packers services in Chennai offering your required services at affordable packing and moving rates.

Request them for pre-move survey to discuss your shifting requirements in detail and get most accurate house shifting charges in Chennai.

Compare moving costs, company profiles and reviews before hiring a suitable top-rated Chennai movers and packers. Enjoy smooth moving, top-quality relocation services and assured safety with best packers and movers in Chennai.


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