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Get the Best car transport and car carriers services from Chennai. We provide reliable and safe car transportation services in Chennai with a team of experienced professionals to ensure your vehicle is safely relocated with door-to-door delivery. Contact us now for trusted car transport services at competitive rates! Book Now - 07700005351.

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Apollo Car Transport in Chennai: Streamlining Vehicle Transportation with Excellence


Apollo Car Transport in Chennai is a premier car transportation service provider that prides itself on delivering exceptional and reliable vehicle transportation solutions. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, a well-established network, and a team of skilled professionals, Apollo Car Transport has emerged as a trusted name in the industry. This comprehensive 2000-word description will delve into the company's core values, services, operational processes, infrastructure, and customer benefits, showcasing why it is the preferred choice for car transportation in Chennai.

1. Commitment to Customer Satisfaction:

Apollo Car Transport firmly believes in providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. They understand that every vehicle is valuable to its owner and strive to handle each transport operation with the utmost care and efficiency. With a customer-centric approach, they prioritize communication, reliability, and transparency to ensure that clients have a stress-free experience throughout the transportation process.

2. Wide Range of Services:

Apollo Car Transport offers a wide range of services to cater to diverse customer needs. These services include:

a. Door-to-Door Transportation: Apollo Car Transport provides convenient door-to-door vehicle transportation, saving customers the hassle of arranging additional logistics.

b. Open Carrier Transportation: The company offers open carrier transportation services, which are cost-effective and suitable for standard vehicles.

c. Enclosed Carrier Transportation: For customers seeking enhanced protection, Apollo Car Transport provides enclosed carrier transportation that shields vehicles from external elements and road debris.

d. Exotic and Luxury Car Transportation: With expertise in handling high-end vehicles, the company ensures the safe and secure transportation of exotic and luxury cars.

e. Two-Wheeler Transportation: Apollo Car Transport also specializes in the transportation of motorcycles and scooters, ensuring their safe delivery to the desired location.

3. Seamless Operational Processes:

Apollo Car Transport has developed streamlined operational processes to ensure the efficient handling of every vehicle transport operation. The company follows a systematic approach, which includes:

a. Booking and Consultation: Customers can easily book their vehicle transportation through Apollo Car Transport's website or by contacting their dedicated customer service team. The team provides expert guidance and assists clients in choosing the most suitable transportation option.

b. Vehicle Inspection and Preparation: Before transportation, Apollo Car Transport conducts a comprehensive inspection of each vehicle to record its condition accurately. This ensures transparency and facilitates the resolution of any disputes, should they arise.

c. Secure Loading and Transportation: The company employs trained professionals who have extensive experience in loading and securing vehicles onto carriers. They use industry-standard techniques and equipment to ensure that the vehicles remain intact during transit.

d. Real-Time Tracking: Apollo Car Transport provides customers with a tracking system that allows them to monitor the progress of their vehicle's journey in real-time. This feature keeps customers informed and reassured about the whereabouts of their vehicles.

e. Timely Delivery: With a commitment to punctuality, Apollo Car Transport strives to deliver vehicles within the agreed timeframe. They optimize their routes and maintain clear communication channels to minimize delays and ensure on-time delivery.

4. State-of-the-Art Infrastructure:

Apollo Car Transport has invested significantly in its infrastructure to provide secure and reliable transportation services. Key elements of their infrastructure include:

a. Fleet of Car Carriers: The company maintains a fleet of modern and well-maintained car carriers, including both open and enclosed carriers. These carriers are equipped with advanced safety features and technology to protect vehicles during transit.

b. Warehousing and Storage Facilities: Apollo Car Transport offers secure warehousing and storage facilities for customers who require temporary vehicle storage. These facilities are monitored 24/7 and provide a safe environment for vehicles.

c. Maintenance and Inspection: The company regularly maintains and inspects its carriers to ensure they are in top condition. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of breakdowns and ensures the smooth

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If you decided to move or buy a vehicle from a private party or dealership in another state you definitely need to know how the process of car Transportation works.

We're here to tell you the whole picture from the beginning to the end with all underwater rocks.

Different Types of Transportation & carriers

What do we usually know about car transport? That some driver comes and load your vehicle on the car carriers and then deliver it to your destination location.

But it’s only a tip of an Apollo Car Transport Chennai.

The first step for car Transport is to choose the transportation type which suits you best.

Types of Cars


Trailer types can be:

1. Open

Open transportation means that your vehicle is going to be transported on an open car carrier and exposed to the outdoors. They have built-in ramps that make the loading and off-loading process easier. These Car carriers are using power hydraulics to raise or lower the ramps.

This type of car transport is the most important. An open car carrier trailer is any trailer without sides.

And what about trailers?

Open Car carriers:

  • single-vehicle hotshot trailer
car transportation

It is a pickup dully with a tow trailer, which is usually a single level.

One of the biggest advantages of a small truck like a hotshot or a single level multi-car carrier is that it can get to places that are not accessible to the big multi-level multi-car carrier trucks.

  • single-level multi-car trailer
car transportation

This trailer can be used for transport RV, Travel Trailer, big Pickup truck, or SUV.

  • multi-level multi-car carrier trailer
car transportation

This the most commonly used auto transport trailer.

If you need to transport a car across the country for private or business needs it’s your choice.

2. Enclosed Car carriers

It can be a soft side or hard side Car carrier.

The vehicle in the enclosed trailer is safer from the outdoor conditions (for example weather).

Enclosed Car trailers:

  • single-level single-vehicle enclosed trailer
car transportation

This type of trailer is used for transporting luxury vehicles or for short distances.

  • single-level multi-vehicle enclosed trailer
car transportation

This trailer can transport up to 3 vehicles at the same time.

  • multi-level multi-vehicle enclosed trailer
car transportation

This trailer can transport 6-8 vehicles at the same time.

These trailers are pulled by powerful semi-trucks and are loaded and unloaded just like an open carrier with adjustable deck ramps.

  • For inoperable vehicles

In the case if you’re vehicle is inoperable the driver needs to know from where to where it’s going.

If it’s going from an auction or port, they will load the vehicle by a forklift.

car transportation

If it’s going from residence the driver needs to have a winch to load it on the trailer.

And now types of transportation:

  1. Local
  2. Across country
  3. International
  4. Door to Door
  5. Terminal to Terminal

How does car Transportation works?

car transportation

Why choose us?

car transportation

The main factor of car Transport cost

We’ve already discovered different types of transportation & Car Carrier trailers, what should we know next?

I will tell you. The best way to choose the company is to compare prices and check their reviews.

Prices depend on the distance, year, type, and size of the vehicle, condition, locations, type of shipment, trailer used, time of the year, the situation on market.

car transportation

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