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Office shifting is really a big task and, our professional staff will make your office relocation very easy.

Make your office relocation fun with Apollo relocation packers and movers and office moving tips.

Relocate your office with all furnitures, IT Equipment and other office goods anywhere in India at best charges.

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Shifting to new office place could be different, but problems are very common almost everywhere.

Changing office should be done properly within minimum time with help of professional office movers.

You might be doing it for first time of after a long time, but no matter what you already know an expert hand can make the process simple, fast, and efficient.

office Shifting

Where in one hand it is time consuming and laborious task, it also comes with an opportunity to make some changes in your work place.

We offer the fast and reliable shifting services to move your corporate goods safely and within the stipulated timeframe.

Office relocations happen for a number of reasons, from company expansion to moving cities, and regardless of the reason, it’s often cause for celebration.

From changing your office’s interior design to implementing innovative ways of working, office relocations can be the catalyst for giving your entire company a make-over, and not just an esthetic one.

Making a decision to relocate can be the perfect opportunity for your business to attract and retain high caliber talent.

An office relocation can all be very exciting especially when you have a blank canvas to work with, allowing you to design an entirely new workspace.

This comes with the chance to implement new working styles that could make your company more flexible.


Whom to Give Office Moving Job?

  1. Senior enough to make decisions
  2. Experienced at multi-tasking
  3. Good motivator
  4. Knows your business inside-out
  5. As soon as you get a quote, make sure that it includes all taxes and insurance.
  6. Great communicator
  7. Highly organized
  8. Good at sticking to a budget

The main factor for the success of any office relocation is a solid project plan and management.

You need to have a clear step by step strategy; tasks, teams, time and budget are all things to consider in accomplishing a smooth transition into your new office.

Is office relocation the right move for your company? Before deciding to pack up your current workplace, make sure that it’s the right move for your business in the long run.

Relocating demands a lot of resources and money, so it really shouldn’t be something you’re doing because you feel like a change of scenery. So where do you start?

Benefits of Office Relocation

  • A new office setup with more efficient workflow
  • Change work place culture, by introducing some new daily routine
  • Improving brand identity if you are shifting to a more known market place
  • Opportunity to create a new cutting-edge office
  • Accommodate company expansion
  • Attracting new high caliber talent
  • Increase employee productivity and efficiency
  • Improve business continuity
office shifting

Relocating your business to a new premise has become a regular practice in major cities .

We understand the fact that Office Relocation creates disturbance to the regular work flow of the employees and so we offer a professional and customized solutions which enables a smooth relocation of office assets and ensure business continuity .

We even share the move plans with the clients for carrying out hassle free and organized relocation.

For a major office move there will be mainly personal computers , files boxes, employee personal boxes, cabinets of different sizes conference room items , video conferencing systems , data centre equipment including ups, batteries, pantry items including furniture, office chairs work stations etc. All these items has to be properly packed as there are chances of damage during transit and handling.

Here at Apollo Relocation Packers & Movers you will find top professional office moving services, safe moving office, office relocation services, office removal companies, and secure office shifting at most genuine price.

Get quick quote from reliable office movers from Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Noida, Gurgaon, Navi Mumbai, Cochin, and ll other major cities of India. Our business relocation service providers will help you in every step to perform at successful and economical office moving.

Take our office relocation services and we fill insure you every goods, furniture, IT equipment, data center and all office stuffs.

Book Apollo packers and movers to transport your goods to all over India.

Professional Office Shifting Services Redefined by Apollo Relocation

Trusted By Small Medium & Big Business Houses.

Corporates of varying sizes might need to shift office furniture, equipment, office supplies and a host of other things, in the better interests of their business.

office shifting

They need to manage it with minimum downtime and maximum efficiency.

Apollo relocation can be counted on to be a trusted partner in providing seamless office shifting services across India.

IT Equipment Shipping By Apollo Relocation

Whether you're shipping a laptop or entire data center, apollo relocation provides door-to-door IT equipment shipping services across PAN India level.

The mammoths of the IT industry trust apollo relocation for its regular shipping/dispatching of IT equipment to its employees.

Leading the industry for four decades now, the professional team at apollo relocation have worked with IT managers of multiple companies to ship their fragile & crucial technology equipment.

We understand the importance, priorities, security and challenges involved in shipping any technological equipment.

We have a team of experienced professionals who sequentially manages and monitors the packing and shipping of the equipment, ensuring total care till it gets dispatched to the respective owner.

Apollo Relocation Packers and Movers provides office relocation services that will make the difference in your relocation by creating a customized move plan and coordinating all aspects of a project from start to finish.

Our office relocation staff have an average of over 10 years experience in the commercial moving industry and will make your office move smooth and successful.

Apollo Relocation Packers and Movers has a detailed process in place from office relocation service

Analyze and evaluate the project

Present a detailed cost analysis so that there are no surprises and no hidden charges

Develop a move plan that selects the optimal mix of labor, equipment, and materials

Assign project managers for efficient and damage free relocations

Successful office moves are built upon many factors.

With over 10 years of experience, Apollo Relocation Packers and Movers fully understands these factors and has developed a superior move management process.

This process combines an experienced, professional team with extensive communication and attention to pre-planning details.

office shifting

Apollo Reocation Packers and Movers begins each project by meeting with your move team to discuss all aspects of the project including schedules, inventory, scope, and budget. Our project team will conduct an extensive site survey prior to the move to accurately determine the cost, time, and labor required for the relocation.

We are familiar with our performance standards and policies.

Moving office technology items, including delicate equipment, involves special care and handling. We realize that computers and peripherals are the backbone of your business operation.

Apollo Relocation Packers and Movers will provide the following:

  • Expert logistical project planning by our in-house team of project managers.
  • Equipment and manpower to handle any move, regardless of size or location.
  • Expertise in the relocation of computer systems, sensitive electronic equipment, laboratory equipment, and fine works of art.
  • Experienced crews to uninstall and install systems furniture
  • Professional packing services.
  • Short and long-term storage of furniture, documents, technology, and fine art.
  • Contact us for Office Relocation Service in Chennai.

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